Show Outline

  • Multi-level marketing didn’t work for Dave, but it shed light on how money works, and led him to a quite popular book. 
    • Rich Dad Poor Dad…by Robert Kyosaki
  • Where did Dave get the money to get started? 
  • Students Rentals explained
  • How does the Husband & Wife duo work? 
  • Clearing up the misconceptions of Real Estate
  • Hiring for what you may not be good at
  • Why did both become Agents? 
  • How is Dave Finding Deals? 
  • How has Covid-19 affected Dave’s business? 
    • What has he changed? 

About Dave Poeppelmeier

Our guest today, has been an investor in Real Estate since 2013.  He has specializes in Student Rentals near the University of Toledo, and describes himself as loving being a Real Estate investor.  He loved it so much, that in addition to investing, he has entered into the realm of a Real Estate agent, where he can now help spread his expertise in helping others locate, buy, and sell their real estate investments in the Toledo area that he serves. 

So, why Real Estate, how did he get started, what are Student Rentals, how did Dave and his family make the recent shift from he being a Physical Therapist, to now full-time in Real Estate, and how somehow being a Physical Therapist, helped?  I’m looking forward to hearing about this, and so much more in today’s show.  Welcome our guest today, Dave Poeppelmeier. 

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