Our Vision

Ethically building wealth, to do good with it

Our mission

Founded because the owners wanted to free their time to do more for others, Nilee Realty targets to provide it’s customers quality places to call home, and great customer service.  For our community, peers, and investors, you can be assured we have a strong commitment to operating with integrity and fairness, striving to help others meet their goals, as we meet ours. 


You cannot buy any Real Estate asset, anywhere, at any price.  Nilee Realty stays in touch with communities, performs market research, carefully analyses each potential asset, and buys at the right price, following a tried and true process to meet the goals of it’s investors. 

We specialize in Commercial Multi-family apartment buildings, and when the investor is in a Passive arrangement, Nilee Realty performs all of the doing, including research, acquisition, reposition and disposition.  The investor simply invests, and expects a return on such investment.  When the investor is Active, or Nilee Realty is acting as a consultant, the roles will vary depending on the desired needs of the investor.

In all capacities, investors can be assured the team that surrounds Nilee Realty, from contractors to agents to bankers to analysts, will follow the company’s mission of operating with integrity, as the priorities of providing tenants a good place to reside, investors a good return, and investor education, stay top of mind.