Show Outline

  • How Damion purchased his first property on a Visa card?
  • What do you need in a Mentor, and how not having the right professional can be detrimental?
  • Retirement Plans – 401K’s, 403B’s, Thrift Savings
    • Are they all the same? 
  • What is a Solo-K and a Self-Directed IRA? 
  • Why might an eQRP® (enhanced qualified retirement plan) be better to grow your wealth for retirement? 
  • The Cares Act brings a unique opportunity to perform rollovers
    • Listen closely to learn more. 
  • Getting Started
    • PEEC – Purge, Environment, Experience, Contribution

About Damion Lupo

Ripping conventional wisdom apart for the Main Street investor looking for truth about money and investing, our guest today has been an investor for over 20 years.  When it comes to real estate, he purchased his first property with a VISA card.  That move snowballed into 150 rental houses in less than 5 years.  In 2008 he lost the entire business, only to bounce back and recreate his wealth in less than 5 years.  This best-Selling Author of a dozen books on personal finance, investment and retirement strategies, Damion is on a mission to free 1 million people from financial bondage.  He hosts the Financial Underdogs podcast, and has developed the ultimate investor retirement tool called the eQRP®.  His strategy gives individuals total control of their retirement money to invest in real assets like real estate, gold, crypto, or whatever you think meets your goals, which is most important of all. 

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