Show Outline

  • How the unsuccess story led to success
  • A lesson on various avenues of investing
    • Wholesaling
    • Non-Performing Notes
      • How does Business Credit fit in? 
    • House Hacking
    • Buy and Hold
  • What’s a “Yea-sayer”
  • “It’s About to Happen”
  • Her experience with partners
  • Where did Nicole’s investing education come from? 
  • Nicole’s investments
    • How did she find them? 
    • Where are they? 
      • Why did she look beyond her backyard? 
    • What does she have her eye on next, and how she can help you?

About Nicole (Dunlap) Pendergrass

Our guest today, is an investor who began her real estate investing career nearly ten years ago.  It was just after the last economic down turn, and here we are again somewhat in another.  She started by doing something so important, educating herself.  It wasn’t just education though, she did all the other right things, made partnerships, made sacrifices, she really dove in. 

Speaking of sacrifice, her first investment was a part of that, and though it was filled with many downs, which she will tell us about, as she called it an unsuccess story; There were some ups.  One UP, is though purchased years ago, it’s still paying off today, the cash flow—we’ve talked above cashflow on this show many times— pays for the home she lives in today. 

She has stuck with continuing to educate herself, surrounding herself with other like-minded individuals, and has recently closed on another investment.  I read some about it, and can’t wait to hear more.  Let’s welcome our guest for today, Nicole (Dunlap) Pendergrass. 

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