Show Outline

  • Why Real Estate for Derek?
    • Financial Freedom
    • Tangible assets
  • What type of Real Estate is best? 
  • Property Management
  • Comparing investing in Southwest Ohio to investing in Northwest Ohio
    • Appreciation vs Cash Flow
  • Tips on what to look for in an investment
  • What must be a high priority of a Real Estate investor? 
  • What you should be doing during Covid-19, if you are an Investor? 

About Derek Deverna

Derek DeVerna is an investor and agent, yes he’s both.  He is a University of Cincinnati graduate, and since graduating fairly recently, has gotten busy with Real Estate.  He has closed many deals over the years, either as a Wholesaler, Agent, or Investor.  This has led to a lot of experience, some of which he’s going to share with us today.  Derek invests in Ohio currently.  Surprisingly,  I actually met him because he shared a picture of a finished project in our investor group, and I noticed our property in the background.  Two of our properties are right next to each other.  I’m glad to have a neighbor who takes pride in his investment, providing a good place for others to reside, which is one of our highest goals.  Derek just finished completing one huge accomplishment, which is awesome, and I can’t wait for him to tell us more about it in today’s show.  Welcome our guest today, Derek DeVerna.

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